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NL-only, 12-team, 4x4, online CBS auction, looking for ONE player!

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  • NL-only, 12-team, 4x4, online CBS auction, looking for ONE player!

    Hello folks - The NOVA League, in existence since 1988, is looking for one new member to take over an abandoned team.... Don't you just hate it when someone pulls out at the last minute?!?

    Anyhow, the league is a standard 4x4 that allows the UT to be a 10th pitcher. At the bottom of this email is the team you'd get to take over. If you want to keep a player, just add $5 to his salary listed on the roster below; we do not use "contracts".

    The online CBS auction will be held Wed night April 3rd at 9pm Eastern. Entry fee is $60 which includes $21.50 in transaction credit. Standard old-school fee structure - $1 to reserve a player, $1 to reactivate him, $2.50 to add a FA. $5 for a September Roster Expansion. No FAAB. Trades allowed till 31 July, and then only between teams contiguous in the standings till 31 Aug. WEEKLY (not daily) transactions are processed on Tuesday mornings. So yeah, this is more of a laid-back league in that we only do weekly transactions.

    Other general stuff - allow 3 Dump-A-Chumps per season, and unlimited replacement of injured players or players sent to the Minors. We do not use any Minor League system for prospects. Any player coming over from the AL to the NL has his salary set to his LABR draft price.

    If you would like any more info, including wanting to have me send you the Constitution, just let me know and I can forward to you. Direct email is and my cell number is 571-236-9486. I'm up till midnight eastern every night so feel free to call me late if you'd like! :-)

    Thanks for looking.

    Daryl Treger
    Rankings Trends Contracts
    Pos Edit Active Batters Proj. Actual Own Start salary
    C Barajas, Rod
    (C) ARI
    325 N/A 5% 2% 4
    C Ross, David
    (C) BOS
    N/A N/A 1% 1% 3
    1B Duda, Lucas
    (1B,OF) NYM
    104 N/A 25% 9% 6
    2B Uggla, Dan
    (2B) ATL
    92 N/A 86% 68% 29
    3B Johnson, Chris
    (3B) ATL
    163 N/A 30% 15% 2
    SS Castro, Starlin
    (SS) CHC
    9 N/A 97% 95% 15
    MI Barmes, Clint
    (SS) PIT
    227 N/A 4% 1% 4
    CI Francisco, Juan
    (3B) ATL
    153 N/A 4% 1% 1
    OF Cabrera, Melky
    (OF) TOR
    N/A N/A 68% 48% 23
    OF Mayberry, John
    (1B,OF) PHI
    198 N/A 17% 11% 13
    OF Maybin, Cameron
    (OF) SD
    49 N/A 45% 24% 17
    OF Upton, Justin
    (OF) ATL
    18 N/A 96% 90% 30
    OF Werth, Jayson
    (OF) WAS
    87 N/A 73% 48% 25
    U Lombardozzi, Stephen
    (2B,OF) WAS
    234 N/A 6% 3% 1

    Rankings Trends Contracts
    Pos Edit Active Pitchers Proj. Actual Own Start salary
    P Cishek, Steve
    (P) MIA
    96 N/A 48% 37% 5
    P Detwiler, Ross
    (P) WAS
    200 N/A 45% 22% 5
    P Estrada, Marco
    (P) MIL
    162 N/A 61% 38% 5
    P Grilli, Jason
    (P) PIT
    113 N/A 33% 26% 5
    P Kimbrel, Craig
    (P) ATL
    25 N/A 94% 92% 17
    P Lee, Cliff
    (P) PHI
    42 N/A 94% 88% 31
    P Papelbon, Jonathan
    (P) PHI
    48 N/A 91% 87% 26
    P Romo, Sergio
    (P) SF
    81 N/A 53% 47% 2
    P Gee, Dillon
    (P) NYM
    178 N/A 22% 6% 1
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    Wow! That was fast. Already filled. Thanks for looking.