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Unique scoresheet league has 1 opening

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  • Unique scoresheet league has 1 opening

    This is an AL, 12 team league. We have 40 man rosters along with 10 free agent pick ups which are allowed to be used whenever needed. We protect 13 players each year of which 3 can be National leaguers. In addition 5 prospects can be protected. The NL and prospect slots can be traded. The fee for Scoresheet this year for first time owners is only $29. Anyone interested please email me at

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    I am an experienced SS player, already owning 2 BL teams and 1 NL. I am looking for another team as I just received unexpected news that my Rotisserie league has disbanded.

    Could you please give me more information on your league. It must be a private league with those rules. How do you do your drafts? Could I see the roster of this team that I am buying?

    hoping to hear from you, Harry


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      Harry, the league web page is at Team #5, it is a private league. The draft is conducted by SS using their undrafted players and ranking list. The league commissioner has an interested party considering taking the team however that person has not committed at this time. Take a look at the league and if you're interested in joining send me a private email and I will connect you with the commissioner.---Jerry