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Looking for 1 Owner in Long term Keeper League

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  • Looking for 1 Owner in Long term Keeper League

    My keeper league has been going since 1986 and we need one new owner.

    5x5 (R, RBI, SB, OB%, TB, ERA, WHIP, QS+W, 2*S+H, K)
    Head to Head. Daily lineups.
    20 teams, AL/NL mixed
    30 minor leaguers per roster.
    $200 fee, all returned in prize money.

    Available team is older, the minor leaguers will need to be rebuilt and 2013 draft choices (for incoming minor leaguers) have been traded away but there is good veteran talent (Tex, Uggla, Rollins, Utley, Morneau, Choo, Dunn, Werth and others on offense, similar pitching) that the team can either try to compete while rebuilding minors or get plenty of value in trades for older players.

    Team was 25 games out of last playoff spot (out of 380 played so it was competitive) despite previous owner not trying his best with pickups.

    Looking for interested, active owner. That doesn't mean you have to make 10 trades a week but we do expect owners to take care of their team with pickups as needed.

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    Team filled. Thanks.