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20-team 5x5 Looking for 1 Owner

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  • 20-team 5x5 Looking for 1 Owner

    We have a big 20-team, 5x5, keeper league and we need one more owner. This league has a lot of unique features such as some non-standard categories that are very popular and a real post-season play-off system. We pay out $15 to all weekly winners and we pay out 8 places for the regular season. 20% of our pot goes to playoff winners. Last year, the regular season winner took home over $1100 but did not win a penny in the playoffs. Our league is very competitive each year and our categories stimulate a lot of movement in the standings each and every season. We see teams fall and rise in September every year. It is not a stagnant league.

    Hitting - OBP, HR, Net Steals, Runs Produced, and (Singlesx1)+(Doublesx2)+(Triplesx3), or basically SLG-HR
    Pitching - BAA, ERA, WHIP, K, Net Pitching ( ( Wins+Saves+Holds)-(Losses-Blown Saves)

    It is $200, which includes site fees, entry fees, and a few dollars credit for transactions ($1 per free agent pick-up).

    Our auction is on-line and it is on Sunday, April 15th at 11am EST. Stats will be back dated to the start of the season.

    If you are interested, please email me at and I will send you an invite to join the league. There is no obligation; this is just so you can come in and look around at everything. This League was originally envisioned by long time BBHQer Frank Duffy, who passed away in November and been very successful. We have owners from coast-to-coast and Canada so it is a very interesting group of guys.

    Give us a try!
    Aging Albinos - 5x5, Mixed, 20 teams, 23-player roster
    Bald Bastards - 5x5, AL Only, 9 teams, 29-player roster
    KC Monarchs - H-2-H, Points Based, Mixed, 16 teams, 25-player roster