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NL 5x5 Keeper League needs 10th owner San Francisco Bay Area

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  • NL 5x5 Keeper League needs 10th owner San Francisco Bay Area

    NL 5x5 Keeper League needs 10th ownerIn Person Draft April 7th at 11AM in the North BayLeague going on 7th year, stable league with 9 Original Owners still in league.15 keepers and long term minor league picksNeed serious owner, must be at draft in person$150 base fees + transactions, most teams pay $175-$250 totalPlease PM me with interest
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    Here are the remnants of the Open Team to be picked through

    Hitters salary contract Pos
    Doumit, Ryan(C) MIN 3 FA2014 C
    Lucroy, Jonathan(C) MIL 3 FA2013 C
    Belt, Brandon(1B,OF) SF 21 FA2014 1B
    Uggla, Dan(2B) ATL 25 FA2013 2B
    Wright, David(3B) NYM 34 FA2013 3B
    Theriot, Ryan(2B,SS) STL 11 FA2014 SS
    Gonzalez, Alex(SS) MIL 5 FA2014 MI
    Jones, Chipper(3B) ATL 9 FA2014 CI
    Baker, Jeff(OF,1B) CHC 7 FA2014 OF
    Beltran, Carlos(OF) STL 14 FA2014 OF
    Chambers, Adron(OF) STL 10 FA2014 OF
    Cowgill, Collin(OF) OAK 10 FA2014 OF
    Parra, Gerardo(OF) ARI 1 FA2014 OF
    Schafer, Logan(OF) MIL 10 FA2014 U
    d'Arnaud, Chase(SS) PIT 4 FA2014 U
    Pitchers salary contract Pos
    Arroyo, Bronson(P) CIN 6 FA2013 P
    Brothers, Rex(P) COL 10 FA2014 P
    Hernandez, David(P) ARI 1 FA2014 P
    Milone, Tommy(P) OAK 10 FA2014 P
    Peacock, Brad(P) OAK 10 FA2014 P
    Surkamp, Eric(P) SF 10 FA2014 P
    Wells, Randy(P) CHC 1 FA2014 P
    White, Alex(P) COL 10 FA2014 P
    Maholm, Paul(P) CHC 7 FA2014 P
    Moseley, Dustin(P) SD 3 FA2014 P
    Wainwright, Adam(P) STL 15 FA2014 P
    Cosart, Jarred(P) HOU Farm
    Delgado, Randall(P) ATL Farm
    Jackson, Jay(P) CHC Farm
    Lyles, Jordan(P) HOU Farm
    Rosario, Wilin(C) COL Farm
    Pick 1st Rd Farm
    Pick 1st Rd Farm
    Pick 2nd Rd Farm
    Pick 2nd Rd Farm
    Minor Draft is 3 rounds in Mid April
    Team holds 2 x 1st rd and 2 x 2nd rd Minor Draft picks
    one of the 2 first rounders is a lottery pick with best chance of 1st overall pick


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      draft day changed to April 7th 11AM

      League Opening Filled, thanks and havE a good year
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