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Sacramento NL Only 5x5 League opening

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  • Sacramento NL Only 5x5 League opening


    I'm a 14 year veteran NL only player, looking to start an NL only league in Sacramento. Bay Area and Northern California/Northern Nevada players, looking for a league? Let's do this!

    Basic rundown of rules:

    Live auction, weekend of 3/17-3/18.
    Keepers, but you have to add $5 to the auction price to keep a player. FAAB'd players can be kept for either $10 or their FAAB salary, whichever is highest.
    $100 FAAB budget with daily FAAB transactions
    No bench. All players are active. If a player gets hurt/demoted you can reserve them and FAAB a replacement, but once they are reactivated you must either put them back in your lineup and drop someone else, or drop them.
    5x5 with net steals and net saves instead of raw steals and raw saves
    CBS Commissioner runs the league
    Looking at entry fees of 30 or 40 bucks.

    I have experience running great baseball and football leagues. Hit me up at if you're interested. We have 7 right now, looking for five more.
    Owner of:
    All Out of Bubble Gum
    16 years experience, two titles

    2014 (2 total leagues entered):
    5x5 12 Team Roto NL Only Keeper League - (2013 2nd place)
    5x5 11 Team Roto NL Only Keeper League - (2013 rebuilding)
    5x5 15 Team Roto Mixed Dynasty League - (first year - BHQ Dynasty League)

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    ddi u get my email, Nick?

    have not heard a reply as of yet?


    fellow monster league member