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$50 Draft Challenge type League, Slow Draft, AL &NL

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  • $50 Draft Challenge type League, Slow Draft, AL &NL

    I run two leagues, one AL and one NL, where we redraft all players each year. Very established leagues. Here are the highlights:

    6 batting 6 pitching categories
    12 fantasy teams in each league
    slow draft this year for the first time (done over a week or two, you get an email when your turn is up)
    snake draft with KDS used to determine draft order
    CBS Stat service
    no trading but free agent bidding during the year (every team gets $100 free agent budget)
    $50 entry fee - all money goes towards prizes minus cbs fee

    Ideally I am looking for an owner who would take 1 AL and 1 NL team. Would consider a single league owner though. I have run nfl football, basketball, and hockey slow drafts through CBS for several years.

    Reply or send me a PM with your email address for detailed rules and more info if you are interested.

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    Update - still have openings in our National League. The American League is full.


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      Hi, I'm interested in your league. You can send info to:


      Won 16 team home league in 2010 with 127.5 points. Almost dominated hitting with 71.5 out of 75.


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        see update below
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          Update: Both leagues are now full.
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