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  • New Box Keeper League - Advanced Realism

    For those that enjoy a more realistic league that incorporates virtually any and every relevant statistical category, a private league in the works at Box Baseball might be for you. I am forming a new keeper league that I think a lot of people will find very realistic, advanced and fun. This is going to be a private 20 team mixed league through Box Baseball, where we have some alternate roster rules to make the league more realistic. We are over halfway full, but still need 8-10 more owners. So far, a really strong group of owners is coming together, including commissioners from other types of leagues, that looks to be highly knowledgeable, active, and competitive. (Hence the appropriateness of posting at Baseball HQ...) We originally were going to do an 12 team NL-only league, but we are now looking to do the 20 team mixed league format, so that we can create a private league that everyone wants to stay with for the long-term. Now, in terms of what Box does...

    First, please check out their website, as Box does quite a good job at describing what it is that they do, which is very different than roto or points-based H2H. Their website is at: There is a discounted rate of only $25 to join a private league, so it is low risk to try out and see if it is your thing.

    At Box, not only do you have to account for practically every statistical category, but you also have to determine in your roster strategy which statistical categories are more important to your bottom line, producing and preventing runs. If it sounds like this is for you, please shoot me an email at and I would be more than happy to answer any questions.
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