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Building online keeper league...

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  • Building online keeper league...

    Looking for owners to a league that is in the process of being formed.

    Complete details have not been finalized. We want all the owners to have input on the league.

    It is a free league, probably run on Yahoo! Minimum 10 teams but we want 12+.

    Looks like a lot of people are leaning towards a 6x6, 8 keepers, snake draft. If anyone as interest just drop me a message.


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    sent you a pm
    14 Team 6X6 Dynasty League
    Hitters: RBI, R, SB, HR, OBP, SLG%
    Pitchers: QS, SV, WHIP, Ks, Hlds, ERA

    Points League
    Hitting: HR: 4, 3B: 3, 2B: 2, 1B: 1, RBI/R/BB: 1, K(-1), SB: 2
    Pitching: W: 10, L:-5, SV: 7, IP: 3, ER: -2, BB/H: (-1), K: 1


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      I would be interested.
      I have been playing for a couple of years (14 tm h2h, 10 tm roto), but would like to break with 14 team,and start playing keeper format beginning from ground up.
      Been reading hq for a couple of years, I have kids, busy schedule, etc but I am an active owner.