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Not too early to think about 2011

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  • Not too early to think about 2011

    I am looking for 4x4 or 5x5 AL or NL only auction league for next season. I am an experienced, active owner and I am willing to travel almost anywhere to participate in the auction.

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    Welcome to the forums!

    You might not get a bite at this time of year -- folks don't generally know whether they have openings for 2011 yet.

    For my home league, I know that we have a strong preference for having owners attend the annual auction in person so that even if an out-of-towner is initially willing to travel a long way, I'd be skeptical whether the commitment will last for several years. If others think the same way that I do, you might want to mention roughly where you live.
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      We may have an opening in an AL 10 team league, with somewhat odd 4X4 categories, that drafts in Phoenix a week before the season starts. If you can remember to PM me at the end of the season, I can get back to you.


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        I know for a fact we will have an opening in my 11 team NL 5 x 5 Ultra League (Chicagoland area) in 2011. One of our owners just moved to San Diego and won't be returning to the league. You just might be able to take over the team this year and only pay your transaction fees.

        Please PM me If interested.