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  • NL-only auction on ESPN

    I'm trying to put together an old-school NL-only roto auction league on ESPN. 10 teams. Weekly FAAB bidding. No entry fee. Just looking for a good group of people. I'd like to make it a keeper league heading into next year, but that will be discussed once I have it filled. I'm having trouble finding people for this right now because H2H seems to be the dominant format among casual players and single-league formats seem to be even less popular than roto.

    Auction is currently set for Sunday at 8 p.m. EST. Just let me know if you're interested.
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    I would have some interest, but the draft time would not work for me. It would have to be a Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning, or Monday night.


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      I would prefer not to move the draft, but if I still can't fill the league by Sunday and decide to move it later into the week or next weekend, I'll let you know.


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        How's this coming? The link leads to a snake-draft H2H league, so I'm wondering if your plans fell through.
        "Never make predictions, especially about the future." -- Casey Stengel


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          I'm interested if it's still happening.

          Please let me know. I've been doing NL only 4x4 keeper for 20 years.

          Andy K
          New York, NY


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            Sorry for the confusion, guys. I had no luck finding players and gave up and deleted the league. ESPN must have given that URL to another league.