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  • Looking for an online draft

    Looking for a league where the draft is online and maybe even done during the day where it takes maybe 2 weeks to complete the entire draft. You just draft every few hours or so, or faster depending on everyone's schedule.

    I have played fantasy sports for a long time and would prefer a roto league to a H2H league.

    I live in the suburbs of Chicago and would be willing to organize a league if I was able to find 13 or 14 owners. Maybe have an entrance fee of $100 with free transactions plus league fees - probably via Sportsline. I am open to suggestions.

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    If you're interested in setting up an AL-only online auction league with a late March auction date, I have a few owners interested from a previous posting [i.e. that couldn't get into the league I was posting for] and we could roll everyone together into a single league.


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      Any chance of having the draft as a running draft? Late March might be kind of tight as I already have a draft on the 27th and 28th. Keep me posted though. It could work out.


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        I think the existing guys are sold on an auction league but a later date might work. Let me know if that's an option for you.