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Experienced owner seeks league in Milwaukee or Madison area

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  • Experienced owner seeks league in Milwaukee or Madison area

    I am a twelve year roto veteran and Commissioner of an AL-only limited keeper league based in Minneapolis that is entering it's 8th year. Auction Day is April 11.

    Typically I play in two leagues per year, maybe three if the third requires little in-season management. This year I have only the one.

    Two years ago I move to a small town northwest of Milwaukee and would like to join a second league in this area.

    I have only ever played with Roto scoring and would probably not be interested in points based or head to head.

    Beyond that, my preferences would be (none of these are deal breakers - beggars can't be choosers):

    1) Strong preference for In-Person draft vs on-line draft - getting to know our competitors is half the experience.
    2) Auction style over straight draft
    3) Re-draft over keeper leagues (I know I know...good luck with that)
    4) Weekly transactions over daily - this is a hobby, not an obsession
    5) Deeper the league the better - 8-team mixed holds very little appeal next to a 10-13 team AL or NL only.

    Leagues that have had multiple heated trade disputes or over the past few years or are filled with clubhouse lawyer types would probably not interest me - life is too short for that nonsense.

    I am an experienced, competitive, knowledgeable owner with seven years of commissioner experience who would be a strong addition to your league. If I can find a league close to home and the first year is a positive experience I would likely become one of your better, core owners who can be counted on to return year after year.

    If anyone has an opening in southern or central Wisconsin, please contact me here or at

    Commissioner, standard 12 team AL 5 x 5 Auction/ 13-team mixed, cumulative points style straight draft / 9 team NL 5 x 5 Auction

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    Neil -

    Indianapolis is a ways from Minny and I can't hit all your preferences on the mark, but...

    17+ year league, NL-Only, 5x5, auction. 5 of the owners have been in since at least 1998, 3 others since 2003. Lost one owner over the winter so we're down to 10 teams, but we play w/ 25 man rosters (15 bats [2UT] & 10 arms), so depth-wise its the equivalent of an 11-team league now. Adding an 11th owner would give you the depth you are looking for.

    We use weekly FAAB transactions and hold our auction in person (although this year one or two guys might be on the phone - they moved to CA and Toronto. But we also have a guy who drives in from Columbus OH and another guy flying in from Houston.

    One negative for you - this is a keeper league. On the bright side, your minor league farm team is well stocked - Pedro Alvarez, Mike Stanton, Domonic Brown, Jhoulys Chacin - plus you'd hold the #7 & #8 picks in this years farm team draft.

    Our auction is set for SUNDAY, MAR 28, start time TBD, but likely around 11:30 / noon-ish.

    You can email me at if this holds any interest.