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    Originally posted by bluenose View Post
    "Fantasy Jungle" was slow-paying; not sure if that got squared away or busted out. AFFL no-paid, changed ownership, and the new owners were making overtures about squaring things, but I don't know how that turned out either. I never played with either outfit. I thought I was being slow-paid at Ant Sports one year and didn't go back, but in retrospect there might not have been anything to be worried about: customer service is lousy to non-existent but I've never heard of a no-pay there.

    Re: the Bolt comparison: I admit I'm stretching here, and yes the luck component in running 100 m is a lot less, but some of the NFBC entrants really do have zero chance. It's a long way from the typical local league or Yahoo league to NFBC. I was in an NFBC sat last year who left the draft room after round 8 because, "after the first eight rounds, everybody's the same anyway".

    Re: the notion of private leagues with strict, simple fund controls: if you ever get that going, please, get in touch. I'd do it myself but I don't know how and wouldn't want to ask a dozen people to join me on the learning curve.

    To Zola's point about people saying they just want to win their league: I think you're spot on, sir, but I think deep down these people aren't being honest with themselves: Deep down they want the lottery ticket of winning the $100K.
    Bluenose and Todd Zola are both spot on. I for one play in many private NFBC leagues where the only "rake" is the site fee. If one wants to start a league and have funds/fees secured, you have to use Ck the site out. Founded by Paul Charchian.


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      Leaguesafe is interesting!
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        Originally posted by DAVITT@HQ View Post
        Leaguesafe is interesting!
        I use it for my fantasy football league. If you're joining a league with a a group of strangers, make sure you ask the commish if he has total control of the pot or if the league needs to vote prior to funds being released for distribution.

        I'm issuing my football payout after tonights game and the money is direct depoited into the league members bank accounts ... Sweet!