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    About 5 years ago I brought a friend (who had never played fantasy baseball) into our league AND I suggested (with some reservations) he join HQ, which he did. He gradually got up to speed over first couple years, did well last season, and today is in 1st place with an almost insurmountable 8 point lead.
    My team is in 6th place and going nowhere. So I guess I could say "why did I bring a shark into the league?!", but I would MUCH rather have 16 owner with his passion & intensity and get rid of the 5 owners in our league who basically disappear after draft day and are worthless competitors.


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      Wow, Siesta, a third of your league doesn't play much after the draft? That's bad.

      We started a new league this year and two guys didn't participate after the draft. We're thinking of not asking them back, and maybe putting some language in the constitution about that. Tricky, tho.


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        This year we only had one team that was not active, and that team wasn't completely dead. And, sadly, it's currently ahead of me in the standings.