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  • Opening in Dynasty League

    I have had 2 owners drop out of a Dynasty League which is building up at this time. It is a mixed league, draft, H-T-H, points based league. It is the second year for the league. Last year there were 9 of 12 teams with 1 1/2 games of .500.

    We will eventually have 27 players per team with 15 "keepers". Currently we are stepping up from 5 this year to 10 next and then 15.

    Quick parameters, 1 each C, 1B, 2B, 3b, SS, EH and 3 OF (any position) per week hitting and 4 starters, 2 relievers and 1 additional P (starter or reliever) each week. Competition is Sun-Sat, wqaivers are processed twice a week on a rolling basis (i.e. if you make a selection you move to the end of the waiver wire). Trades have very limited review.

    Scoring, briefly is total bases plus runs, RBI, and steals scoring points. Pitching has wins, losses, saves, holds, blown saves, IP, K's, earned runs (lose points) with CG and shutouts scoring points.

    We expect to begin draft at the end of this week. We run off of Sportsline. I know this is quick, but if you are interested, send me an e-mail at and I can get a full set of rules as well as the teams available. First step would be to cut down to 5 players.