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Looking for Online Auction Keeper League...

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  • Looking for Online Auction Keeper League...

    I am going to have a little more time on my hands than expected in the upcoming weeks so I'm looking to add a league or two.

    Must be an ONLINE auction keeper format.

    My preference is AL or NL Only, but will consider Mixed League if it has a good format.

    I would prefer minors and contracts as well.

    Feel free to post specifics here or PM me.


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    I dont play in these leagues, so not sure the quality. But I ran accross this when another member dropped a link. Nonetheless they have online auctions, keepers, and NL/AL only leagues. Looks like they have an active community.


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      Oneline autcion Keeper league

      Our ONLINE AUCTION League is going keeper this year. It is mixed. 5x5 ROTO-non standard categories... We auction the first 15- then snake draft the remaining 8 to complete 23 man roster. UT can be pitcher or hitter. Draft day is Saturday, April 4@Noon ET- we have players in all four time zones. Should you have an interest, e mail me @


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        I have been playing at Mocksports for something like 15 years. We are the fantasy baseball equivalent to public radio. We run the site and make up our rules. We offer AL and NL only 5 by 5 keeper leagues. Our auctions are on line. While we play for fun, rather than fame or fortune, our leagues are competitive and fun. Lots of wheeling and dealing...We are always looking for new blood!

        Here is a link to our fantasy baseball page...


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          Thanks guys. I'll definitely check the site out. I'm still looking for an NL or AL only keeper w/ standard 5x5 $$$ though. Preferably $50 up to $500.