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Second Year West Tn. 4x4 N.L. Only. Needs owners

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  • Second Year West Tn. 4x4 N.L. Only. Needs owners

    We started this league last year as a branch off of a 25 year league that had a long time owner quit. That owner wanted to start his own league, I am the Co-Commish, So some of us are playing in both leagues but as you know its had to get new owners and keep them interested. So we are going through growing pains. If you are interested please private message me and I can explain more, entry fee is just $26. Auction will be March 27th in the evening. This is a keeper league we will freeze 10 players. We hope to be a 12 team league, looks like we might be at 9 teams right now.
    Would consider going to 5x5 if that's a draw just wanted to help new owners last year with 2 less categories.

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