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  • NL only ower needed

    We are looking for another owner for our NL only 5x5 keeper league which is based primarily in San Diego with a few owners in a few other cities (Portland and Las Vegas). The league has been in existence for @15 years and the owners are pretty knowledgable. We are auction style. We have 25 man rosters (15 position and 10 pitchers) with a $280 cap (and a $350 inseason cap). We basically follow traditonal roto rules with some variation. We keep up to 13 each year and a 4 man minor league roster. We do an in season minor league draft and a minor league draft at the conculsion of the auction. Buy in is $500 with $300 of that representing a retainer for transaction fees. If interested please send me an email.

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    brownie, I sent you a private message. Check out your private messages so we can move forward on this.
    12 TEAM NL ONLY 6X6 $260
    BA. HR, RBI, TB, SB, R
    ERA, WHIP, W, S, K/9, K/BB
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