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  • League That Kinda Matters (LTKM) Invitation

    You're Invited!

    The LTKM (League That Kinda Matters) was formed in 2005 by Wayne Godfrey from Albuquerque, New Mexico as an effort to obtain a richer and more solidly competitive fantasy baseball. We seek 4 competitive owners who place winning right alongside sportsmanship, comraderie and love of baseball. We are very competitive, witty, a bit silly and make lots of tongue in cheek, outlandish posts over the season. The comraderie and closeness of spirit we have achieved is, indeed, delightful, despite our fierce competitive drives. Our current members tell us they have not found this fullness of experience no matter how many leagues they have enjoyed in the past. Your efforts in applying, I believe, will be well worth your investment of time and energy.

    LTKM strives to obtain a more balanced system of accuracy in assessing player performance than 5 x 5 leagues by paying attention to multiple categories in both pitchers and hitters, 23 in all. It's just more dimensions in looking at players and their performances and perhaps, a tad closer to our experience of baseball. Here are some things we offer. There are no entry fees nor prizes.

    1. The league is daily, Head to Head format in a Yahoo custom league. You will, at present, gain access to the Yahoo Drafting Guide and KKFL guides. If you are accepted, there is no charge as well. You will also have access to Yahoo's Live Game Channel (custom or enhanced) during the season with your team members and live stats annotated in color as you track your games and players daily.

    2. Format: 16 owner league with two divisions of teams using Yahoo's Fantasy Plus website system. We always stay close to full year after year. It is a non-keeper league and we re-draft online every year. The current draft is a live, online draft at and is set for Saturday 9AM MST, March 29. Your attendance is necessary in the first year. You will need an account there, which they grant at no expense to you.

    The winners of both divisions automatically go to the playoffs. The next four teams, by win-loss records enter the playoffs. There is a consolation playoff for teams finsihing in the second division.

    3. Categories at present include

    Hitters: Runs, 1bs, 2bs, 3bs, HRs. RBIs, OPSAvg, BAvg, E, SB, Ks, BBs (12)

    Pitchers: Apps, Wins, Losses, ERA, Whip, K/BB, CGs, Saves, Total Bases Allowed, Ks, BBs (11)

    4. 35 IP pitching usage per week minimum or you forfeit each pitching category for the week. I am adamant about each team, especially down the stretch, making this minimum even if they are not in contention. That is because all pitching categories are forfeit when pitching minimums are not met and this can drastically affect final league standings. If a team does not make minimum innings or appears that they will not, they should be "prepared to be boarded" by the commissioner. Teams that miss the minimum IP requirement are subject to being taken over in mid season. In addition, owners that do not meet this requirement will not be invited back.

    5. There is a three transaction maximum per day. These transactons DO NOT include pickups requiring waivers, drops nor trades. There are no season maximum transaction limits. The daily three transaction limit is is to prevent owners from "flooding a roster" and requires them to plan out their daily strategy in advance, with care and restraint. All transaction times/dates are based on the time zone of the owner for the purpose of what day they count against.
    This rule is NOT controlled by the computer. You must adhere to it voluntarily or the commissioner will penalize you as well as reverse the offending transaction when detected.

    6. Each owner has a veto vote on the propriety of trades. When a trade is agreed upon by two owners, the rest of the league owners are afforded 1 day to veto a trade. I urge the exercise of caution on the use of your veto. Often owners do what appear to be lopsided trades simply to gain a category or two that they need and it is not collusion. Yet you are the sole judge of what constitutes an inappropriate trade. Most owners are simply looking to prevent collusion with this vote but you are free to choose your own definitions.

    Because we all are vested in the successful selection of responsible, committed owners, I ask that you submit your request including your full name and your location in the country. Please indicate your experience, promised level of commitment, desires and qualifications for me to consider. While not required, a phone number would be appreciated to facilitate trade talks and team business.

    Thanks for your consideration. I look forward to reading your request/resume.

    Wayne Godfrey
    LTKM Founder/Commissioner/Head Janitor
    Owner, Albuquerque Sea Cabbage
    Author of the bestseller,
    "How to Consistently Finish Third with a First Place Team......Studies in Futility"

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    I would be very much interested in joining your league. It sounds like just the kind of league that I have been looking for. I think of myself as competitive, witty, silly, with a dry sense of humor. I've been playing fantasy baseball in one form or another since the early 1990's. My name is Jeff Merrell and I am located in Chico, CA. I am always involved in every league in which I participate. I'm always fighting to win. My main desire would be for Ashley Judd to move in with my wife and I and cook me waffles every morning. Second to that would be membership in a fun, competitive, lively league. I'm not sure what you are looking for in the way of qualifications. If your interest is piqued send me a PM and we can talk more.


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      Hey Wayne,

      I would be interested, experienced player, living in the Kansas City metro area. PM me for more info.


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        Hired one and still need three. Still looking for three more committed, humor-seeking,
        w(h)inning- driven, comraderie-seeking afficiandos who hanker for the light, mirthful, shared brotherhood of sympathy-derision and equally shared heartbreak that follows those inevitable, multiple, pre-all star break injuries nagging their team's chances. And the equally inevitable satire and shared laughter that follows. Train's leaving the station soon. Don't miss it.

        This message was approved by me. Kinda. Sorta.
        (But what the heck, the staff woulda sent it out anyways)

        C. Cabbage
        Czar of all the Russias and the LTKM