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4x4 Mixed Keeper League has 2 openings

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  • 4x4 Mixed Keeper League has 2 openings

    Mixed 4X4 12-team Keeper League with 2 openings
    There is a Columbus, Ohio-based 12-team Mixed Keeper league with two current openings. The league is 4X4, with a twist. The twist is that Strikeouts are a category and not WHIP as in traditional 4X4. HR, RBI, BA, SB, ERA, SV, K, W are the 8 categories.

    25-player active roster (16 hitters, 9 pitchers), with a 15 player bench. Teams leave the draft with rosters of 35 players, but may add 5 additional players to roster without making "cuts," to reach 40-player roster total. The league has several out-of-towners who draft via conference call along with the 8 or 9 who are usually present at the draft in Columbus. Team salary cap is $465 for the 35 players rostered on draft day. Teams may keep as many players as they like. Draft to be in late March.

    $140 entry fee covers all fees for the year---no additional transaction fees. Weekly free agent bidding with $250 FAAB (imaginary money) for the season. Weekly transactions.

    If interested in additional details, please PM me on the site. Thanks.