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Seeking to join AL-only or NL-only league

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    We might have an opening in our AL-only 4x4 auction keeper. It's a great league, in business nealry 20 years now. Openings are rare but one guy might be retiring. Caveat: It's based in Regina and you have to draft in person (so add in flight and hotel to your base cost, although one of the guys might put you up for free). Draft is the Opening Day Sunday (I think this year it's March 31 or so). League fees about $250, $50 of which is refunded if you finish 10th or better (the $100 from the 11th and 12th place finishers is given away in a "lottery" draw in which 5th place has eight chances, 6th place has seven chances, and so on). Stats through AllStar. No trannie fees, fixed payout--$800-$400-$260-$140.
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      Patrick, that's awfully nice of you to make me aware of that opportunity. If it were closer, I'd definitely throw my name in.
      RIP Paco de Lucia.


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        It is AL only, which is my favorite format. It is 6x6. It isn't free; I don't know if that is a problem for you. I like this guy's idea about commitment. You have to pay 1st year and half of 2nd to join. Hopefully that will only draw serious people. It is 50 bucks a year. Draft is going to be online and Snake versus auction is still up in the air. Hoping to convince majority of auction.

        Details are here: ... board=96.0

        I've had a little bit of trouble acessing the site, but once you get it up, no problems staying connected.
        The guy that is running this league appartently setup the whole KC fantasy site and I think from the research I did, can be trusted. They also have football leagues on his site and no one was calling for his head .


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          Thx so much, JoeSox. I'll definitely look into it.
          RIP Paco de Lucia.


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            al league

            check my post for big money AL saber league from a couple of days ago

            contact at if interested


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              my league

              we do an AL Only SCORESHEET league. We are 10 teams. 7 keepers looking for one owner. We draft in NJ but you do not need to be there live. We are drafting 3/29...
              $79 to scoresheet...then $50 to our "pool" that pays winner and runner up.