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Local Iowa 5x5 Roto League - Looking For Owners For '08

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  • Local Iowa 5x5 Roto League - Looking For Owners For '08

    Hi all. This is my first year being on baseballhq and love the site. I have lurked on the boards and this is my first post.

    I am looking to start a local redraft 5x5 Roto League. Looking for players based around the Des Moines, IA area. Right now, we have 3-4 guys lined up, but we are tired of getting guys who are not committed to the full season, etc. We are searching for quality, committed owners.

    Here are some of the details:

    16 Team Mixed League
    35 Man Rosters (23 active - 12 bench)
    Standard 5x5 Roto
    260 dollar Auction draft (first 23 rounds)
    Last 12 rounds are snake draft
    100 FAAB budget
    Weekly Lineups and Transactions

    Basically this league will mostly mock the "Tout Wars" format.

    Right now, we are looking for local players, but if we can't find enough, we will open this up to others and just use fantasyauctioneer for a live online auction.

    League entry will probably be around $100 or so, but we are open to suggestions.

    If this league sounds good to you, please reply to this thread or send a PM.

    Also, please ask if there are any questions.