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Gameday Ritual League Looking For Owners

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  • Gameday Ritual League Looking For Owners

    I currently have 4 people set for a Gameday Ritual League ( I would like to get to 12 teams (3 divisions of 4) and even 16 if possible - mixed player pool. The cost is $25 for the season - no prizes and no fees. Bragging rights only.

    Gameday Ritual has a very interesting draft method - the Free Agent Blitz - that is lots of fun to participate in - $100 million with 50 contract years and 3 No Trade clauses to fill out your roster. Game are calculated weekly on a head-to-head basis.

    Reply here if you have any interest.

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    I have 6 owners now signed up for a GameDay Ritual league. I have room for 6 more if anyone here is interested:

    League Name: Fear The Mendoza Line
    Password: jetersux

    Free Agent Blitz starts Monday, March 26th.

    Gameday Ritual is running a deal offering free Lite teams to new owners. Many of the members in my league signed up with free teams. If you want to try it, feel free to sign up.