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Kansas City based Live Auction League

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  • Kansas City based Live Auction League

    We don't play for a lot of $ but it is an interesting competitive home keeper league 14 team AL only with 2 NL teams (St. Louis and Cincinnati) 5x 5 OB Hr Rbi R SB - W ERA Ratio K's Sv + holds 1/2

    FAAB free agent bidding, Keep 8 each year (top 4 keep 1 less per finish 4 -7 3-6 etc) Auction is weekend after opening day usually
    President Emeritus International Tony Solaita Fan Club
    First KC Rotoball 5x5 AL
    Masters Fantasy 5x5 Mixed Slow Draft
    Masters Fantasy 5x5 Nl Only
    Stratomatic CEBA 20 team mixed
    Stratomatic Several Projects -newest Greatest Negro League Team Tourney