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2 openings in auction mixed keeper roto league running since 2010

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  • 2 openings in auction mixed keeper roto league running since 2010

    Found a good owner to fill an opening last year through this site so going back to the well.

    12 team mixed auction keeper league. 5x5 (R, RBI, SB, OBP, SLG) x (W, Sx2/H, K/9, ERA, WHIP).

    Standard 23 active player lineup with 2 Cs and 9 Ps. 5 minor league slots. $260 auction budg, $300 in seasom cap. Non auction snake draft for initial reserve roster.

    Min 5 Max 10 major league keepers per year.

    Prize pool goes to top 3 finishes with bonus rookie draft picks to 4th and 5th place.

    Full rules can be read here . . . … and I am happy to answer any questions for anyone kicking the tires (I am co-comish).

    Here are some highlights on the 2 vacant rosters:

    Vacant Team 1:
    Lindor $22
    Adolis Garcia $1
    Haniger $4 (up for extension)
    Oneil Cruz $7
    Kirby $3
    McLanahan $13
    Rookies: Noelvi Marte, Jasson Dominguez, Luis Matos, Jack Leiter​

    Vacant Team 2**:
    Will Smith the catcher $13 (up for extension)
    Varsho $16
    Hoskins $16 (up for extension)
    Betts $45
    Ohtani $20 (under contract through ‘25)
    Bader $1
    Wheeler $8 (up for extension)
    Clase $1 (up for extension)
    Felix Bautista $7
    Rookies: Dustin Harris

    **Team 2 is actually my roster, I am swapping rosters with the other departing owner who is leaving behind a reclamation project that would be less appealing to new owners. Our settings are designed to give everyone a fair shot to compete every year or at most only have to spend 1 year in rebuild mode, so I don’t mind this, but figured for new owners still getting a feel for the league they’d rather have a nice core of keepers.

    Like I said the league has been around since 2010 and we have a strong committed core. Ever since the 2020 shortened season we experienced an increased attrition rate from long time owners all saying the same thing (they lost interest in following baseball), but we’ve taken a poll and feel pretty good that our existing base is secure for the long term.
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    Please contact me at


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      Update: Vacant Team 2 now claimed, still looking to fill Vacant Team 1. Auction is now scheduled for 3/25 @ 8:30pm EST

      Vacant Team 2 isn’t a world beater but has some nice contracts and again our settings are such that keepers are more of a nice bonus but won’t win it all for you given that 60-80% of everyone’s roster is established on auction day, before waivers even open up