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Some deeper leagues looking for owners, free & $

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  • Some deeper leagues looking for owners, free & $

    Hello all- I'm new here but am excited to be part of the Baseball HQ community. Send me a message if you're interested in or have any questions about any of these leagues:

    -20 team h2h 7x7 keeper league with limited adds, contracts and salary inflation. This competitive, free yahoo league is just for fun and is my laboratory for the ever evasive perfect league set up and is in it's fifth season in its current iteration. Auction is Sunday 4/3 at 8pm est and I currently have 3 vacancies. R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OBP, & SLG offensive categories and pitching is ERA, WHIP, K, SV, HLD, W, & K/BB ratio though I'm planning on replacing either wins or (more likely)k/bb with IP next season.

    -20 team, h2h, 5x5 (obp, qs, sv+hld), keeper league, 25$ buy-in on yahoo. Commissioner says he will probably have a couple vacancies. Draft is Mon 4/4 9pm est. I've played in this league for a couple years and will say that while I don't really care for the scoring categories, it is a competitive and well run league.

    -16 team, h2h, 7x7, $135 buy-in startup league on Fantrax that honestly doesn't look real likely to get off the ground unfortunately. Tentatively I like the concept though. Auction was supposed to be last Sunday but there were only 5 teams in (now only 4) so it has been pushed back indefinitely in lieu of more interest. Anyways might be worth a peak if you're looking for something a little different. For more info follow the links in this post-

    -10 team 5x5 AL only rotisserie keeper on CBS, $50 buy in. Long established league, in person auction in Springfield, MA Sat 4/9. I've played here for a few years also and also while I don't love the format, it is very competitive and well run. And I really enjoy a live auction.

    Thanks for looking!