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Diamond MInd BB team opening.

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  • Diamond MInd BB team opening.

    League around 21 yrs or more. Play h2h in playoffs, otherwise email mp. Play for fun. Need to purchase game, and season.
    Draft will be in Late December, Eary January. Very nice league.

    (btw the team is very good...I would easily trade my team for the open team.) 20 keepers. 16 teams....

    If you do not know about dmb baseball, pm greg@hq

    I am not the commish, but commish is good people.

    not rotiserrie- H2H both teams redraft. (league 2 we can keep 2 players)
    1)private league. 12 team mixed, snake draft, 6x6 h2h daily. cats are r, rbi, sb, ba, oba, hr & w, saves, k's and k9's, era, whip. (k's and k9's plus we need 42 innings pitched per week, leans toward good pitching league)

    2)private league, 12 team mxed, snake draft 6x5 weekly h2h.