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4 SPORT 14 team KEEPER w/ draftable Colleges Pipeline! *New League*

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  • 4 SPORT 14 team KEEPER w/ draftable Colleges Pipeline! *New League*

    *(You may draft up to 4 schools to supply us with (up to) 1 player per sport per year each. via the initial slow auctions).

    Hey potential league-mates!

    William here (Son of previous HQ Writer Michael Roy),

    League includes 4 major sports; [MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA]. (We keep 10 MLB'ers+5 Prospects for the MLB league)///Rule specifics still being tweaked for NBA/NHL/NFL

    Don't miss your chance to be a part of this! We're envisioning a community with all of the 14 owners possessing unique strengths & weaknesses among the sports.
    We plan to grow & learn together for year (and as such, allow for Trading across sports/assets (as well as said Draftable universities).

    Keepers determined by previous years draft slot minus one (For example last years 8th round pick may be kept at the cost of a 7th the year after). A player's draft slot (Round) will be based on salary paid in the initial auctions, from high -> low.

    ---I'm writing this on behalf of the 2 co-commishes... If you're interested hit me up for constitution.
    email myself @ will Bogossian @

    Nota Bene:

    A.) League fees are 50/sport ($200 total) + one-time $100 deposit (Refundable if team is leaving, provided the team is in good shape). We don't want folks bailing.

    B.) Ideally we will begin the *Slow Auction* Tomorrow (with 12 hours per pick to start, easy to manage and keep track of bids).