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Long time NL-Only league needs 2 owners

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  • Long time NL-Only league needs 2 owners

    Our long time NL-Only 5x5 keeper league is looking for 2 new owners. We had a couple of owners drop due to lack of interest after the year off from covid. The league has been around since the mid-90s and used to be a Santa Cruz CA based league. Over the years folks have moved away so the auction is now done online.

    League details are 25 players (15 hitters 10 pitchers) Categories are BA, HR, SB, R, RBI and W, K, ERA, WHIP, weighted SV (67%) and Holds (33%). Entry fee is $100 with $15 going to CBS and $85 into the pot. Transaction fees $2 per FAAB buy, $5 trade flat fee per team, and minor league keepers ($5 per minor leaguer) also go into the pot.

    I can send you the constitution if you want more details.

    The auction will happen after opening day. It has been a couple of days after the start of the season in the past and is likely to be that way again this year - many players are in the PST zone so the auction can be as late as 9:30PM Eastern. The auction generally goes quickly - rarely takes longer than 2 hours since it's online and there are many keepers.

    We have 2 new owners this year so we need to draft from the available teams. You can see the rosters here:

    Quite honestly, these teams are not the greatest at the moment. I'm definitely willing to give interested owners a break on the entry fee this year so you can take the season to try to build up your team.

    This is a league with a lot of trading. If trading of picks/futures for established players is something you don't like, this league isn't for you.


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    I might be interested Chris—what do I need to do?


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      Excellent. Please email me at I'll get you further info there.


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        OK, now we're down to one owner needed. One of the owners who was going to opt out has decided to stay in. Please email me at if you're interested.