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  • Net Positive Outcomes

    Today's Facts/Flukes column on Miguel Sano refers to a metric called "Net Positive Outcomes":

    This seems like an interesting measure! Is it tabulated anywhere on the site for all hitters?
    * 10-team AL-only, auction ($260 budget), 2 yr contracts wi/toppers, max 13 freezes, $100 FAAB with weekly auctions, 4x4 with hybrid categories
    * 14H/9P (+8 reserve draft), with liberal movement between active and reserve rosters
    * Hitting: OBP, HR, RP, BADV = SB+2B+2*3B
    * Pitching: ERA, SV+HLD, QIP = 2*IP-baserunners, WQG = W+QO+CG (
    QO = 5/6/8 IP with 2/3/4 ER or fewer)

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    I don't believe so. Those metrics were introduced by Patrick Davitt in some Master Notes columns in March 2017, although he hadn't settled on the name back then.
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      Correct. You can catch up on some of those articles here ( We'll take a look this offseason about how to integrate the approach on the site. It's definitely some interesting work by PD (as usual).