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  • CDG/Mack Keeper Settings

    I am in a keeper league that allows up to five minor league keepers on the bench. These players are $0 until activated in our fantasy lineup and do not reduce the fantasy team's draft budget. Some of the minor leaguers (may be major leaguers by opening day) kept will have significant stats for 2017. How should I express this on their Mack rosters? I want to take these players out of the pool so CDG properly calculates inflation.

    Most teams will activate their minor league keepers with starting jobs after the draft. So, they will draft a $1 player and replace in week 2, which would increase inflation even further.


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    Bench players should be zero in the Custom Draft Guide unless you pay auction dollars for them. When setting keepers in MACK, you can't put them as $0, so just use $1 as their value. That won't materially affect the inflation calculation.