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    A MACK issue and questions

    Issue: I am accessing Baseball HQ on a Macbook/Safari. When I first go to the MACK tabs, the titles are hyperlinked. But as soon as I click into a screen, the hyperlinks for the titles are no longer there and I am unable to click to access content without going back to the Baseball HQ homescreen. Is this a browser specific issue.

    Questions: I am a newby to MACK. Is there a way to import keepers from Sportsline? Is MACK agnostic to league rules, outside of assigning player salaries? Or do the rules come into play when you do a custom report?



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    MACK and Safari don't get along very well. Jump over to Chrome/Firefox if at all possible.

    We don't have a roster import feature, but hoping to get to that soon.

    MACK itself is agnostic to league rules, but your league config can be used in the Custom Draft Guide to generate league-specific values.

    Hope this helps!


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      Thanks Ray - that helps a lot.


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        I had similar issue recently with Safari and Custom Draft Guide. I had to jump over to Firefox to download stats. Feels like something new, as I hadn't run into the issue before.


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          Newest version of Safari seems to have all kinds of problems with MACK and the CDG. It isn't anything we changed, but the result is definitely worse.