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    In the past few years I have received e-mails on the First PItch Arizona.
    Then last year I had to write about not receiving any e-mails about the
    get together. This year I nave not received any information again.
    I am not sure why? The only time I missed one of the get togethers
    was the very first one.

    Is this the reason because there are Update 1 & 2 on the site?

    Less than 3 weeks for our get together. I will be going to my second
    game Monday, great time but a little warm.

    Thanks For Looking Into This For Me.

    Robert L Krahn

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    Robert, we have sent out two attendee updates and another is coming this week. You are on the list... if not receiving, it's probably because your email system is treating them as spam. I'll forward again, please confirm receipt.