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  • Articles not featured on Daily Links

    Part of my morning routine is to click on the HQ link for that day. For example:

    Lately, however, the link has not always featured all of that day's new articles. For example, today's link doesn't include PT Today. This happened another time within the past week as well (I think with PT Tomorrow).

    I know I can search for new articles other ways, but the Daily Link is very convenient.

    FAKE EDIT: Actually, today's (6/15) PT Today article doesn't show up when I click on the News / PT Today link (either on the page, or in the preview). The only place I see it is in that scrolling thing on the front page.
    * 10-team AL-only, auction ($260 budget), 2 yr contracts wi/toppers, max 13 freezes, $100 FAAB with weekly auctions, 4x4 with hybrid categories
    * 14H/9P (+8 reserve draft), with liberal movement between active and reserve rosters
    * Hitting: OBP, HR, RP, BADV = SB+2B+2*3B
    * Pitching: ERA, SV+HLD, QIP = 2*IP-baserunners, WQG = W+QO+CG (
    QO = 5/6/8 IP with 2/3/4 ER or fewer)

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    It's fixed now. Someone essentially forgot to check a box. Sorry for any trouble that it may have caused.
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