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Player Statistics and Projections: Proj CSV download problems?

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  • Player Statistics and Projections: Proj CSV download problems?

    The last few days I've been unable to download the major league Proj CSV file for batters and pitchers on the Player Statistics and Projections page. The download starts, then times out with a 'Failed - Network error' message. This happens in Chrome, Firefox and IE. The NL- and AL-only CSV files download fine, so there's a workaround. Incidentally, the Proj+YTD files all download fine.
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    Interestingly they both failed in Firefox for Mac but were successful in Opera for Mac.

    I can't test on Windows until I get back to work tomorrow.


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      I've heard this from a few scattered users today. There was definitely an issue back on Friday, but we fixed that... at least for most people. But some seem to still have problems. More info... screenshots, what files you're downloading, what error you're seeing, would all be helpful. Thanks!


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        Trying to download MLB Batter and Pitcher projections in CSV on a Mac, using both Safari and Chrome, downloads hang up and never finish.


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          Just downloaded Opera for Mac as suggested above and had same issue. Files in all browsers appear to partially download and then just stop.


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            Thanks for the additional info. I was traveling this afternoon, will jump into this tonight. Anyone who needs files urgently, just PM me here or email us at and we'll email to you.