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    Originally posted by NICK@HQ View Post
    Set up an account with Feedly

    Then using an RSS reader (I use Mr. Reeder), click the + sign and search for

    A series of results will appear. Click the + for each feed you want, or just the Front Page one.
    I've been a long-time Feedly user, so I don't recall what credential system I used (I think it might have been my gmail address). Anyway, I track about 100 RSS feeds using Feedly (not all baseball related). There are 8 active feeds for BBHQ, for example. I use Feedly on my computer (it's operating system agnostic) as well on an iPhone and iPad. Because of the login requirements on BBHQ, I periodically have to log back into the site when reading articles within Feedly.


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      Thinking of face-to-face trade negotiations easier access to depth charts and the player database would be invaluable. Completely appreciate the difficulties, just adding my .02


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        Originally posted by Sleehrat View Post
        And as we shift more toward mobile apps and less to desktop/laptops
        I don't!

        I much prefer using my pc to my phone - I send the link of any articles that I read on my phone to my e-mail so that I can reference them on my pc at a later time.


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          Originally posted by bankerboy View Post
          Thanks Nick! It looked like I needed to sign up for one of those but I wasn't sure. Appreciate the help
          Sorry Don. I just saw your question.

          I'd do what Nick said. Its a simple process.

          ( just realized I had the email to you stuck in my drafts about this )