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pdf version of BF16

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    Bob, just sent it to you.


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      fyi, I am one of those people who didn't find it at their main email address

      it was in another one, and I lost the file, but that's my own fault (actually I can still find it again by clicking the email)

      so if confused, you may be checking the wrong email....

      SPOILER ALERT: Ron's essay this year is a tour de force. It's a "tanned, rested and ready" elegant essay. He escaped the belly of the beast, and lived to tell about it. Really well. It's what happens when "write what you know" marries "can't fake sincerity." And I do know a little bit about writing....

      [and I have an ugly green cover pre-print of Pete Palmer's "The Hidden Game" that Ron mentions in the essay. I have to dig that out of a closet and present it to Ron as homage...]
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        Great point Howie. Really can't say enough about the intro. I'm almost envious of you guys.... Seeing that intro in a bunch of drafts and pieces along the way, I feel I was a little cheated out of the experience you guys are getting tonight, to just swallow it whole.

        It's a PQS-5 outing from Ron.


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          If I put in an order today for a standing ship order, will I also get access to the PDF version? That would be really helpful!