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    Are they on vacation?

    I have sent 2 emails, neither of which were answered.

    I ordered the Baseball Forecaster 9/15 and the charge was placed on my credit card. Later that day I found that I had a standing order for the Forecaster with the yearly website.

    I immediately emailed BaseballHQ Customer Support asking that the original charge for the Forecaster be cancelled since I had now found out that I had a standing order.

    The standing order charge has now appeared on my credit card.

    Two days ago I again emailed Customer Support asking for a credit card refund for the Forecaster. As of now, I still have not heard from BaseballHQ regarding this matter.

    Would you please check into this for me. Thank you.

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    Hmmm.... I think maybe we're not getting your emails. CS has been very busy with renewal processing, but we're all caught up and (last I checked) don't have any unanswered requests.

    Are you emailing ''? Send me a PM here with your email address or username, and we'll get you taken care of.