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  • Another CDG Question

    When I enter the parameters of my NL-only league, I get this result for the hitters:

    Dollar value: too many required players for selected league(s) store_values: values are not an array

    The pitchers are all listed normally, so I am not sure what happened (I've never had this problem before). Here are the settings I am using:

    Use Keepers: Checked
    Sort by: Dollars
    Selected Stat Pool: Projected 2014
    Number of Bench Players: 15
    Number of Teams: 12
    Use Fractional Dollars: Checked
    Leagues: NL Checked
    Force Positions: Unchecked
    Budget Per Team: 280
    Valuation Method: Top Players
    Offensive Budget: 70%
    Minimum Bid: 1
    Positions: P:10 OF:5 C:2 1B:1 2B:1 SS:1 3B:1 MI:1 CI:1 UT:2
    Scarcity: All boxes Unchecked
    Hitting Stats: HR, RBI, R, SB, OBP
    Pitching Stats: W, SV, ERA, WHIP, SO

    Let me know if I have done something incorrectly.


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    Change your bench players to zero. The ONLY reason to change bench players to anything but zero is if you buy them with auction dollars. If you pick them up as reserves or any other mechanism, you leave it at zero. That should fix this problem.