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Is PT data downloadable?

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  • Is PT data downloadable?

    I included PT% for position players and then SP%, Hld% and Sv% in the spreadsheet I used for my auction last year. Prepping for the auction this year I can't find a way to download that data, it isn't in the CDG or the projection sheets. I must have manually entered it last year.

    My solution is likely going to be cut/paste from the depth chart pages into a temporary spreadsheet and then VLOOKUP matching on player name to pull this data into my master sheet. It would be helpful if that data was downloadable as part of the other files or at least include PlayerID on the team view depth charts to facilitate VLOOKUP.

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    Your approach is the best one we have for now. But I'll make a note to make this data downloadable in the future.


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      Thanks Ray. Good to know it's not available sonewhere and I'm wasting the effort.


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        Actually, now that I think about it, it is downloadable on the staff/admin side. Send me a PM with your email address and I can get it to you.