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    If you have selected to have sites not track you - there's a very good chance this can break "stay logged in" capabilities.

    Can you exempt a specific site to bypass this? Can you try to disable this and see if it "remembers"?



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      Originally posted by RAY@HQ View Post
      If my resetting the password with Diggy has any effect, we can try same with you, makelele.
      So far so good! Whatever you did worked. Thanks!


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        got a new computer, and more weirdness here. the site remembered me in the Forums and let me read them, but not the "premium content' which requires a different password for some reason. then they wouldn't let me do a password I can remember because it's not "secure" enough.

        I get the hoops and hurdles for a bank account, but not so much for a fantasy baseball site....
        NL 12-team 5x5 auction keeper. no bench, limited 'free' moves #oldschool
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          I didn't think we enforced much password security on the main site account, other than perhaps a minimum length (which I think is 6 chars). I believe if you ask for a password reset, we will give you a one-time password that is pretty cryptic, but afterwards you should be able to go to "my account" and set it to something you can remember.

          If that's not the case, let me know.