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    I'm experincing a problem with the iste and a verizon ad. When I click to player link or any of the other links, I get a blank page that when I click in there brings up a verizon ad. It completely covers the whole page and I can't access the info on player link or playing time, etc. How do I correct?
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    Using a free ad blocker works well for me to keep all ads off my viewing of the site


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      I've heard a few reports of this, trying to find out if there is a problem with a specific ad. All reports I've heard so far are from IE7 users, which is an archaic browser that you really should upgrade. I'm checking what we can do about it on our side too, though.


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        If anyone can grab a screen shot of this ad and/or what your browser looks like when you're stuck, that would be helpful. Just email it to me: . Thanks.