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Negative points in CDG

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  • Negative points in CDG

    According to the CDG directions:
    A negative weight will reverse the "standard" sorting of a category.
    For example, -1 for Hitting Strikeouts will place the most value in the players with the most strikeouts
    while -1 for Hitting RBI will place the most value in the players with the fewest RBI.

    I tried this for a points league that gives -1 for hitter strikeouts but using "1" in the CDG for hitter strikeouts but it seemed to put higher strikeout guys att he top of the draft ex Fielder, Kemp, Stanton, Granderson but when I put in "-1" for hitter strike outs the top hitters were Pujols, Fielder, Cabrera, Cano

    Pitching ranking also seems to make more sense when I entered a "-" in the points column

    If the league gives a negative point for "bad stats" ex hitter K and pitcher loses should we enter a "-" in the points column for the CGD?

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    You can verify this pretty easily for any category in which you have a question by running the values for just that category and checking the results.