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  • Finding Injury Report

    I can't find the injury report (AL & NL) anywhere in a tab or any other link, but if I do a search for it - I find it about half way down the list. Is this in any tab or link and am I just blind?

    Please bring back the "How/Where do I find?" link that you had on the old site. Everything could easily be found from this one link


    AMBL - cumulative points league with original rules established 1977 and continuous league since 1983 (40th consecutive year in 2023)
    Lineup: Start 1-C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, Any Infielder, 3-OF, 1-OF/DH, 5-SP, 3-RP, 1-Any P and Reserves-11

    Our point scoring system is:
    ++ Batting : R=1, H=1, 2B=1, 3B=2, HR=2, RBI=1, SB=1, CS=minus 1, BB=0.5, K=minus 0.5, E=minus 1
    ++ Pitching : W=4.5, L=minus 3, Save=4.5, Hold=3, BS=minus 3, QS=1, IP=1.5, H=minus 0.5, ER=minus 0.5, BB=minus 0.5, K=0.5

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    Go to the league depth charts and click on the "I" next to any injured player. You'll find the report.

    And yes, a "where do I find" is on our to-do list.