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  • iPad/iPhone log in

    I use my iPhone/iPad when I don't feel like sitting at my PC. It seems like everytime that I have to charge one of those machines I need to log in to hq again. I believe it's after recharging could be for another Reason I imagine. Is there anyway to stay logged in? Same thing happens on billjames site but Not others. Thanks

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    The only way I know of is to keep a browser session opened. Every time you re-launch the browser you need to log in again.

    This will change in our upcoming site redesign.


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      ray Hq going Mobile or HQ not big enough?


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        There's been some talk of it. We're working on the main site redesign first, thought is that after we get through that we may be better-positioned for mobile app or whatever.


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          Hey Ray...if the site is being redesigned it is possible to put a request for the boards? I'd be great to see the banner (What's New / Search / etc) be added to the bottom as well. I like to use the What's New function to refresh my view (and remove threads that I've just read with no new activity). It can be a pain to scroll all the way back up to the top of a long thread on a mobile device.
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            Forum layout won't change as part of the site upgrade. That said, I'm not sure what capabilities we have to make those kinds of changes in the forum layout, since it's a purchased product we have here (vbulletin). But I'll ask tech to take a look at some point.