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  • stats glitch?

    I have noticed today that certain players come up with a 0 BPV and their stats are missing some key elements, such as AVG/OBP/SLG/OPS/BB%/CT%/EYE. For example, look at Presley of Pitt, Lewis of Cin, etc. Anyone else seeing this?
    This is when I look at the team depth charts. When looking at the player's individual pages, other items seem to be zeroed out, such as RC/G and RAR, XBA, PX and SPD.
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    I noticed Bernadina with projected BA of .138 and projected OBP of .201. Doesnt look right, this latest load may have some anomalies....


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      Will get Bernadina cleaned up. Presley looks fine today, as does Lewis. Let us know if you see further issues.


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        While we're at it, I was curious why Parnell is projected for 9 saves while Storen is projected for 7 and Kimbrel 10. I can see where the 2 rookies could fade down the stretch, but they both have the closers job where Parnell doesn't.


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          Team save totals are something of a crapshoot, but we have Parnell at 55% of Mets saves, Storen at 60% of Nats and Kimbrel at 70% of ATL. That last one seems like it might be a bit low...