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Where do I find old poll results?

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  • Where do I find old poll results?

    I remember a poll asking if your NL/AL only league allowed you to keep players traded to the other league. Where can I find that result? Is there a switch I can click somewhere that will take me to old poll results? TIA.
    12 team NL only 5x5 with 4 man reserve

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    We archive past results but they are not accessible anywhere on the site. That question has been asked about a half dozen times over the past decade. The most recent results (July 2009):

    27% Lose the player, no compensation
    24% Lose the player, but get his salary added to your FAAB
    12% Lose the player but get first rights on players coming back over
    32% Keep the player, but for this year only
    4% Keep the player, for this year and beyond
    1% Keep the player, but his salary is deducted from your FAAB
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      Appreciate the fast response.
      12 team NL only 5x5 with 4 man reserve