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  • Custom Draft Guides Question

    Sorry if this posted in wrong area, please move if needed.

    A question on the custom draft guides. For players that qualify at multiple positions how do I get these players to show up at all qualified positions when I'm sorting by position?

    For example, in NL leagues Juan Uribe qualifies at 3 positions but when I click on positions, he's only being listed under one position.


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    Yeah, the player will only show at one position on the main output or positional report form. We're generally pretty good at sorting the players into their most valuable positions, which minimizes the impact. Also, if you're using the Grid report (which I recommend!), you have the option there at the top of the page to "Show eligibility", which will populate everyone's position eligibility next to their names.


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      So the grid can be coded to show players in all available positions but the custom draft guides cannot?


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        The grid doesn't actually put the player in each position cell they appear in, but for instance Uribe appears in the SS column in the grid but has a (654) displayed next to his name, so your eye can easily catch the multi-position eligibility. Of course, eligibility also appears in the other reports. But nowhere in the CDG do we actually display a guy in multiple different position columns.


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          I have a league set up in MACK to track keepers. When I go to CDG and selct the league the keepers still show up in my guide and grid no matter which paramaters I select. Should they? I see in the grid there is an option for highlight keepers. I selected that option and nothing changed. What am I doing wrong?


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            If I'm following you correctly (and if I'm not, please clarify), yes, if you select the Keepers option in CDG, the keepers you flagged in MACK will still appear in the Custom Draft Guide output. However, they are indicated with a "K" in the output data, and their salary should reflect the salary you set for them in MACK, not the salary that the CDG would have derived for them.

            Does that help?


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              Found what I was doing wrong. We use a straight draft so I did not enter salaries. However on that page there is a 'keeper" box which needs to be checked that I did not initially see. Thanks.


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                I know I'm jumping into this thread fairly late, but could it be possible to show each player under each position they are elgible for in the positional report view? I know we have workarounds, such as the grid format, but that doesn't fix the underlying problem. Is there a technical reason as to why that isn't something that can be done?

                Also, has there been discussion of adding a field to allow a user to choose the amount of games required to give a player elgibility at specific positions? I know some fantasy baseball sites use different amounts of games to show elgibility, so this could help users also.
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                  I can understand the utility of both of these suggestions, but I can't really speak to their technical complexity. I do know that our tech staff is flat-out trying to get the already-approved list of enhancements into the tool ASAP. We're already past due on those, as we really would prefer to avoid making modifications in March at all. So these will probably have to wait until the next round of enhancements, even in a best-case scenario. Sorry.


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                    I have a suggestion for a change for next year. I think Position Column (P) should change so that a player like Victor Martinez who will play DH in 2011 but played just 4 games there in 2010 and 110 at catcher, defaults to catcher rather than DH. Yes, its easy enough to switch this around in a spreadsheet, but aren't the great majority of HQ user thinking of him as a catcher and playing in leagues where he qualifies at catcher?

                    I understand how a player like Napoli kind of screws up the system, but guys like Posada, Abreu, Dunn, Michael Young and Manny seem like they default to the wrong spot.

                    In most leagues in Youk viewed as 3b during the draft or 1b only? For the majority of users does it make more sense to group him with the first basemen or third basemen?