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  • RAR in Custom Draft Guide

    If I wanted to use RAR to value both batters and pitchers in the CDG, how do I go about doing so? I don't see RAR listed as an option.


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    Nope, you're right, it's not an option in CDG. But there's nothing about RAR that is "Custom" or unique to league context... so if you want to value players by RAR, just download the basic stats/projections file and sort by RAR. The values wouldn't change in the CDG.


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      True - but how do you use RAR to then put a value on a player. The respective values would be impacted by draft budgets / caps...right?


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        Yeah, that starts to get messy pretty quickly. RAR isn't a valuation method, really.

        What league format are we talking about here? That might help to make the discussion a little less abstract.


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          Got sucked into Mendoza after reading RobR@HQ's post about it. From what I see, the league generates a W-L record based on RAR on both sides of the equation. The thing I was hoping to do was to use RAR to better gauge player contract values in this format.


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            Oh, gotcha. I haven't looked closely at Mendoza, but at a high level...

            RAR isn't a valuation option in the CDG, but the output reports all contain RAR in the results. So if you grab the positional report, and sort each position by RAR (instead of the default $ value), then you should be able to figure an average RAR value per position for the league format (i.e. average of the top 12 catchers by RAR if it's a one-C league with 12 teams, for instance).

            If you did that for each position, then multiplied that out, you should be able to get a target "total roster RAR" number. Divide that by budget, you end up with a "cost/RAR" number that is the number you end up using to try to identify valuation bargains, etc?

            Does that make sense? Does that sound like what you were trying to accomplish?


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              Thank, Ray - that makes sense. I was hoping I was missing something. I will move forward with that plan.

              Thanks again!